Residential Glass Services Company in Illinois

Window Glass Replacement

Add to your comfort and safety with new window glass and take advantage of our window glass replacement services. New insulated glass helps to keep utility bills down and will help reduce noise. We offer tempered or laminated safety glass for windows or doors located at or in high-risk areas. We also offer storm window glass.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass can be one of the more interesting items your home can showcase. We offer and stock a large variety of pattern glass as well as etched, back painted, beveled and polished glass and mirror. Decorative glass or mirror will certainly add a literal edge to any decor. Utilize the style of decorative glass for your cabinet doors and bring out the beauty of a simple design piece at surprisingly budget friendly pricing.


Be it for utilitarian use, inexpensive facelift or even feng shui, installing mirrors can be a highly practical item to have in the home. We provide any size, shape, color and style of mirror, giving you an easy and inexpensive way to make any room seem larger and brighter. Transform the look and feel of any room with a simple, clean and professionally installed mirror. We even offer antique mirrors in a variety of styles and colors.

Screen Repair & Replacement

Window and door screens are susceptible to tearing and stretching as the seasons fluctuate. The resulting wear and tear can make the screens obsolete. Take advantage of our screen repair and replacement services. We also offer complete screen replacement for a fresh new look.

Table Tops & Desk Tops

What better way to keep your desk or table clean and organized than a glass top? While these glass tops are easily removed, they remain a fixed addition to your decor. Add simple beauty and reflection to any furniture top in your home and protect your investment.

Outdoor Patio Tabletop Replacement

Dust and dirt can take a scratchy toll on glass patio tabletops. We can provide new glass to fit your outdoor furniture and make any set look practically new. Our outdoor tempered patio tabletop replacement options help increase safety and offer that facelift your set just might be in need of.

Picture Frame Glass

Clean, clear glass cut to fit picture frame glass allows you to see every detail in your photos and little one's artwork! If your picture frames currently have scratched up, hazy, or otherwise obscuring defects, have new glass made to fit any size or shape frame. Cleanliness and clarity at its best with new picture frame glass.

Fireplace Glass

Keep your home, your family and your pets safe with sturdy, clear-cut fireplace glass. These ceramic panels are designed to hold in scattered sparks while at the same time allowing the warm glow and cozy comfort of the fire to fill the room. Settle back and relax in front of a relaxing fire with confidence.

Back Painted (table tops & backsplash)

Looking to really make your home shine? We offer a large selection of back painted glass which will give any surface a glossy, smooth custom look. We can also color-coordinate with the rest of your décor to match most paint samples. The glass is easy to clean, making it a great addition to the kitchen as a backsplash behind the stove. You can even use back painted glass to hide defects in furniture tops and walls.

24/7 Emergency Board Up Service

Your home safety is a huge concern of ours. A broken window must be secured in the event of an emergency. We offer 24 hour-7 days a week emergency board up services. Contact us to have a specialist board up the damage to re-secure your home & family. We can also help assess damage to any glass and will provide replacement services if needed.

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