Using Decorative Glass to Beautify Your Home

Friday, August 14, 2015

Decorative Glass

Looking for new ways to spice up your home decor? Or, are you starting constructions of a home and want to set it apart from others? Decorative glass may be the answer.

It is a perfect and tasteful option for a number of applications in the home, from countertops to doors, backsplashes to cabinets, showers, and even flooring. The material is extremely customizable, with a variety of colors and textures available, and can revolutionize the appearance of your home.

Following are a few of the areas of a home where decorative glass can be used to add an attractive touch when remodeling or building:


Glass is becoming ever more prevalent in kitchens, and a glass countertop can make a stunning impression. Countertops can be slumped, cast, fused or laminated, providing an elegant look, while also offering durability and strength.


Combine a glass countertop with a back-painted glass backsplash, and you can create a colorfully stylish environment. Glass backsplashes are not only practical but they're also visually appealing, especially when customized to match the rest of the room. Decorative glass is available in a range of colors to match any décor.


Glass cabinets remain a popular option. Frosted, textured and patterned glass choices are available. This is a great way to offer a modern look to your kitchen while also showing off your collection of dishes, old and new, appliances and more.


Decorative doors have long been popular for front entryways, but in recent years they're also showing up more and more in interiors. One popular option is glass pantry doors, etched with the family's name or an image or images that match the kitchen theme. This also can provide a perfect complement to glass countertops and/or cabinets.


Glass tile is growing in popularity, particularly in bathrooms on shower walls, floors, and tub surrounds. It is the same material used for glass backsplashes and can create a three-dimensional effect on interior and exterior walls, but with a smooth surface.


What bathroom would be complete without a sink? Glass vessel sinks are yet another option for beautifying your home in a functional way. Clear glass is certainly available, but for those wanting a more artistic option, many glass artists also create one-of-kind selections.

Shower enclosures

Decorative shower enclosures are available in a variety of options, with and without frames, with endless options for decorative glass.

The use of decorative glass can transform a residential space, whether for a new construction or a remodeling project. There are a number of spots within the home for which decorative glass is an ideal choice; when a number of these options are combined, decorative glass can take a home to the highest level of beauty. of Illinois 

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