To Frame or Not to Frame: Glass Shower Doors are the Question

Friday, September 18, 2015

Frameless Shower Doors

There are a variety of possibilities when it comes to today's glass shower doors and enclosures. The main question most homeowners face when choosing a glass shower door for a bathroom project is whether it will be framed versus frameless.

Framed glass shower doors typically  have the glass enclosed in metal, such as brass or aluminum, while frameless shower doors typically are almost all-glass with a small amount of hardware. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, making the choice sometimes a tough one.

There are many items to consider when making such an important choice for your bathroom construction or remodeling project. You'll want to be sure to look at the cost of each type of glass shower door; the aesthetics and look of the room you desire; and what will be involved in cleaning the type of glass shower door you choose. All of these are important, and following are suggestions for what to consider when making such a choice:


Frameless shower doors typically cost more than their framed counterparts. Frameless shower doors often appear in higher-end bathrooms and remodeling projects. The high price tag mainly has to do with the detail required in creating a glass shower door with minimal hardware, designed to withstand the wear and tear that it will endure from daily use and the thickness of the glass used.

Framed Shower Doors 

Likewise, installation of frameless glass shower doors can be more difficult and time-consuming, also increasing the final price of the door. While those who choose this option often say the price is worth it, it's certainly something to consider, and if cost is a deciding factor, framed shower doors may be your top choice.


Both types of glass shower enclosures provide an aesthetically pleasing look for any design. Many prefer the airy, elegant look of a frameless glass shower door and the fact that it allows light to flow continually through the bathroom design. However, framed glass shower doors can be highly customized.

You can choose the frame and hardware to match other décor in the bathroom, such as faucets, towel racks and more. You also can choose from a variety of types of glass for a framed glass shower door.

The choice is yours—and it simply depends on what look you prefer for your bathroom plans.

Corner Glass Shower Doors


Frameless glass shower doors can be simple to clean. There is less hardware to work around, so the main work is in cleaning the glass. However, you must be thorough in cleaning the glass, to allow the aforementioned light to fully shine through and highlight the door.

Of course, while framed glass shower doors can be more forgiving, as the glass isn't the entire focus, there is more to work around; you will want to make sure you thoroughly clean the frame and the area separating it from the glass. This will not only extend the life of the glass shower door frame, but also will highlight its beauty. of Illinois 

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