4 Beautiful Shower Options
(Tuesday, February 02, 2016)

neo angled glass door

Do you pull back musty curtains to your shower every morning or maybe your just want to update your bathroom? Not only will you get personal value out of an upgrade, but it could help the resale value of your home.
Here are some options that will give you an idea for an elegant new option:

First Base

Sliding shower doors are usually the first step up from curtains. Practically you will need at least 60 inches because sliding doors have two separate panels that require a wide opening. If you are limited in space this could be a great option because they don’t open into the shower or outside of it. 


Home Decor Made Simple with Glass & Mirror
(Friday, September 11, 2015)

If you are working on a remodeling or interior decorating project at your home, two simple materials can simplify the process: glass and mirror. Both can be used in a variety of ways to provide light, elegance and more to your décor.

First, there's mirror. Possibilities for mirror are infinite, from mirrors hung above mantels to lining the walls of a room. There are a number of types available, including plain, decorative and one-way. Plain mirrors are the most basic type—frameless, flat mirrors often found permanently installed in a bathroom or closet. Decorative mirrors can be framed or possibly even be frameless with beveled edges (where the edges of the mirror are cut at an angle).  


Glass Tabletops – Five Reasons You Need to Upgrade
(Thursday, September 10, 2015)

Glass Tqabletops

Glass tabletops are a great complement to any space, whether a kitchen, dining room or family room. They offer both a classic and modern look, are easy to clean, and more. When planning and selecting furniture, when glass is available it should definitely be a top choice. Here are five reasons why: 


Glass Shower Doors Vs. Shower Curtains: How to Choose
(Friday, July 24, 2015)

Glass Shower Doors

When designing a bathroom, either for new construction or a remodeling project, one important choice you'll need to make is whether to utilize a glass shower door or utilize a shower curtain to keep the water in the shower.

There are a number of items to consider when making this choice, including aesthetics, maintenance and the functionality of each option.