How to Choose the Best Glass Shower Door

Friday, July 17, 2015

Frameless Shower Doors

When choosing a glass shower door for your new bathroom or remodeling project, the possibilities are endless. You must choose framed or frameless; the type of glass to utilize; the type of metal for any hardware used (whether framed or frameless); and more.

There is much to consider, and following are a few items you will want to keep in mind as you make this important choice.

Framed vs. Frameless Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are available with frames or frameless. Frameless shower doors provide an open, airy look, while framed glass shower doors can provide an elegant complement to your bathroom's architecture.

Frameless shower doors typically cost more, while framed glass shower doors provide a number of customizable options. Both types of glass shower enclosures can provide an aesthetically pleasing look for any design.

Type of Glass

Glass shower doors can be equipped many different types of glass, depending on the look desired. Many people use clear, low-iron glass to ensure the airy feel. Others look for patterned glass to match the decor of a bathroom. Both are fine options, depending on the appearance you hope to achieve.

Shower Doors

While clear glass lets light shine continually throughout a space, patterned glass can be designed to complement a bathroom theme and can be decorative. Both are great choices, depending on what you desire. of Illinois has found that most of its customers desire some pattern in at least the middle of the glass to allow bathers privacy, so think through your own privacy preferences before making a decision. of Illinois has a variety of options and ideas available for every style and taste.

Type of Hardware

Once you decide how much hardware the glass shower door will have (framed versus frameless), then you must decide the type of hardware and fixtures you would like for your glass shower door.

Available options include brass and aluminum, and many choose to match the hardware to other fixtures in the room, such as the faucets, towel racks and more. Whatever you choose, it is sure to create a beautiful look for your bathroom project.


While decor is no doubt important, some desire to also look for a glass shower door that will be easy to clean. Frameless glass shower doors can be simple to clean. There is less hardware to work around, so the main work is in cleaning the glass. However, you must be thorough in cleaning the glass, to allow light to fully shine through and highlight the door.

 Framed Glass Shower Doors

Of course, while framed glass shower doors can be more forgiving, as the glass isn't the entire focus, there is more to work around. Likewise, the type of glass you choose will impact cleaning; you'll want to make sure clear glass is streak-free, but patterned glass can potentially take more time to clean.

There are so many options available when it comes to glass shower doors, but know that whatever type of glass shower door you choose and the options you select for it will provide a wonderful complement to your bathroom construction or remodeling project. of Illinois 

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