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Friday, September 11, 2015

If you are working on a remodeling or interior decorating project at your home, two simple materials can simplify the process: glass and mirror. Both can be used in a variety of ways to provide light, elegance and more to your décor.

First, there's mirror. Possibilities for mirror are infinite, from mirrors hung above mantels to lining the walls of a room. There are a number of types available, including plain, decorative and one-way. Plain mirrors are the most basic type—frameless, flat mirrors often found permanently installed in a bathroom or closet. Decorative mirrors can be framed or possibly even be frameless with beveled edges (where the edges of the mirror are cut at an angle).


One-way mirror is designed so that one side is a typical mirror, while the other side is transparent.

Mirror can be utilized in a variety of ways to add space and light to a room. Decorative mirrors are the perfect option for the wall above a mantel. A mirror can be placed above a mantel and make the room seem larger than it is in a very subtle way. The frame of the mirror also can add to or complement the room's décor, depending on your desires for the room's design.

In some cases, others choose to utilize large expanses mirror around a room—just the way wallpaper might be placed there. This use of mirror can make the room seem endless; it is especially perfect in a bathroom, where it can provide a warm feel at the end of a long day,  or even a dining room, where it can make an elegant dinner seem to multiply (in food and elegance).

Whether placed over a mantel or around the room, mirrors reflect light limitlessly. They can make a room seem brighter and can simply expand a small use of light.


Additionally, glass itself can be used a variety of ways to complement a home's décor. Many choose to install interior glass doors in their pantries, sun rooms and more. Glass also is now often used in kitchen cabinets in upscale homes, offering both a modern and classic look—and allowing you to highlight your favorite cookbooks, dishes and more.

Glass furniture also can lend an aid in spicing up your home's décor. Glass tabletops are a great complement to any space, whether a kitchen, dining room or family room. They are elegant and can complement any theme; whether you are going for classic or modern, glass tabletops are a great choice and can fit with any style. They can also help highlight other pieces in the room, such as decorative dining room chairs or a beautiful area rug. Similarly, a glass coffee table and/or end tables can highlight a colorful sofa and more.

Whenever glass is used, it increases transparency and the airiness of a space. It can make a room look larger, and allow light to flow freely. It also can help a space to feel neat and clutter-free, thanks to the transparency it offers.


The use of glass in your home design is classic, yet modern, and aesthetically pleasing. It offers light, transparency, resiliency, easy maintenance and more. Likewise, mirrors are a perfect option for a variety of uses in a home remodel or new construction project. You can utilize both of these materials in virtually every room of the house with a variety of results, all of which will benefit you and your home décor.

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