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Monday, December 07, 2015

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Looking to transform your patio in time for next year's spring and summer cookout season? Then it's time to look at a new glass tabletop for your patio. Glass patio tables are ideal for a variety of reasons.

   1.      Variety: Glass patio tables are available in a variety of shapes and trims—usually with a steel frame with a number of color options. The choice is yours when it comes to all of these options. The table can then be complemented with vibrant cushions, centerpieces and more, expanding your possibilities even further.

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   2.      Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, glass tabletops for your patio offer a simple solution. They can be cleaned easily with an over-the-counter glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels. Whether the table is covered in pollen or just basic outdoor grime, cleaning the glass is a simple and fast procedure. Glass tabletops also stand up well to weathering, flying leaves and debris and more.

   3.      Aesthetics: Additionally, glass always adds the flair of elegance to any part of your décor, and it's no different on the patio. Glass offers an airy feel adds to the joy of eating outdoors. Its transparency is a gateway to all that surrounds it in nature. There is no comparison to other building or furnishing materials when you are trying to achieve such a look.

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   4.      Strength: Strength is also crucial for a patio table (or any table designed for dining) and today's glass tabletops offer enhanced strength. They are usually made from tempered glass, which is created by heating sized, edged glass in a tempering furnace to approximately 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, then rapidly cooling, or quenching, the glass to approximately 400 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This process makes tempered glass stronger than annealed glass, making it ideal for applications where maximum resistance to thermal and cyclic wind loading pressures is required. In addition, if broken, fully tempered glass breaks into relatively safe, small pieces, rather than shards—making it safe for both your family and guests.

   5.      Space: Most glass patio tables seat anywhere from four to eight, providing the perfect spot for your next dinner party. Outdoor gatherings offer a different option than indoors, as guests often have more room to mingle and can enjoy the outdoors while doing so. A glass patio table can turn your deck or patio into the perfect outdoor gathering spot.

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Glass patio tables offer a variety of advantages that can't be overlooked, including a variety of options, strength, low maintenance and space. When you're planning your patio or deck remodel, you will definitely want to consider incorporating one and taking advantage of all of these benefits. of Illinois 

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