Glass Tabletops – Five Reasons You Need to Upgrade

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Glass Tqabletops

Glass tabletops are a great complement to any space, whether a kitchen, dining room or family room. They offer both a classic and modern look, are easy to clean, and more. When planning and selecting furniture, when glass is available it should definitely be a top choice. Here are five reasons why:

Glass Tabletops Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Glass tabletops are elegant and can complement any theme; whether you are going for classic or modern, they are a great choice and can fit with any style. They can also help highlight other pieces in the room, such as decorative dining room chairs or a beautiful area rug. Similarly, a glass coffee table and/or end tables can highlight a colorful sofa and more.

Tabletop Glass 

Glass Tabletops Are Easy to Clean.

While wood tables can wear down over time from too much use or harsh cleansers, glass tabletops are easy to clean. You simply spray the tabletop with a commercial glass cleanser and then wipe down with a soft cloth or paper towel. With each cleaning, glass tabletops almost always look as good as new. While they can scratch, they generally are very easy to maintain and retain a brand-new appearance.

Glass Tabletops Are Tough

Glass tabletops are extremely strong and can withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear. Additionally, just three years ago, a glass furniture standard was developed and published to enhance the safety of such glass tabletops. It requires that safety glass be utilized in glass furniture, such as desks or tables. This means that the glass should be strong enough to stand up to the normal thumps and use that household tables often endure. Look for a mark showing the glass has been tempered, such as the one shown here.

Glass Table Tops 

Glass Tabletops Open Up A Room

Whenever glass is used, it increases transparency and the airiness of a space, and glass tabletops are no different. They can make a room look larger, and allow light to flow freely. They also can help a space to feel neat and clutter-free, thanks to the transparency they offer.

Glass Tabletops Are Easily Adaptable

You can easily change the theme or décor of a room with a glass tabletop simply by adjusting the centerpiece, placemats, coasters and more. While a wood table typically fits in with a specific décor, a glass table can fit in with any style or interior design; and, when you decide to change the room's appearance, the glass table changes with it.

Glass Tables 

Glass tabletops are classic, yet modern, and aesthetically pleasing in every way. They offer light, transparency, resiliency, easy maintenance and more. Choosing a glass tabletop, whether for a kitchen, dining room or family living area, can be a perfect solution. of Illinois 

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