4 Beautiful Shower Options

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

neo angled glass door

Do you pull back musty curtains to your shower every morning or maybe your just want to update your bathroom? Not only will you get personal value out of an upgrade, but it could help the resale value of your home.
Here are some options that will give you an idea for an elegant new option:

First Base

Sliding shower doors are usually the first step up from curtains. Practically you will need at least 60 inches because sliding doors have two separate panels that require a wide opening. If you are limited in space this could be a great option because they don’t open into the shower or outside of it.

 sliding glass door

Uphold Tradition

Pivot shower doors are recommended if your shower area cannot accommodate a large shower. These are the shower doors that open outward on a hinge. They are typically used for stand-alone showers. The good news is that tub and shower combinations are less popular, so your solo shower could add resale value to your home.


Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

There is two options if you have a corner shower: neo-angle and round shower doors. Neo-angle shower doors have a door and 2 angled panels on each side of the door.

Round shower doors allow for more elbowroom because there aren’t any corners. Generally, they’re easier to clean because there aren’t any hard to reach corners that dirt tends to build up in.

 frameless glass door

Icing On the Cake

A trend that most homeowners are looking for when buying a home is a frameless shower door. You can make any of the aforementioned shower doors frameless. They create an open feel to all bathroom styles.

This creates the illusion that there is more space in your bathroom that curtains usually disrupt. Aesthetically, they polish off a bathroom with elegance.

Consider which shower door fits your bathroom and would give you the best resale value. Your shower door is the crown jewel of your bathroom, so don’t leave it out of your bathroom remodel.

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